Sunday, December 7, 2014

Next Stop....Penny Does the Desert!

For several years now I've wanted to escape the bitter cold on the holidays and this year I'm doing it. Headed to the desert for some R&R, uninterrupted reading and writing. Going to soak up some majestic sunrises and sunsets poolside.

My adventures traveling solo for the past few years have been both life enriching and enlightening. I appreciate any opportunity I find to get away and explore the sights and sounds of somewhere I have never been. Thankfully, flying is not something that makes me anxious or has ever brought on panic attacks.

I've never spent Christmas apart from family/friends out of town and on my own. Will being free from obligation bring me the joy I have been imagining it will or ignite my sadness over being no-contact this year with relatives? Could go either way, folks! This is a total emotional experiment for me! 

Let's see what surfaces on this get-away and what I can lay to rest in the desert once and for all.
Looking forward to sharing my revelations with you soon :)