Monday, December 8, 2014

Malignant Narcissists....WOW!


Just read an unbelievably truthful and raw blog about not allowing malignant narcissists to get in your head. Ever.
Of course, I have mentioned in previous blogs that I grew up the daughter of an N.P.D. (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) mother, HOWEVER it never occurred to me that I had MARRIED (and divorced) one as well! I did, OMG. 

So, before even heading to the damn desert for the holidays for some deep soul searching I have had a revelation. I'm NOT staying out of relationships to avoid intimacy or because I am no longer capable of trusting or loving another human being, but rather I'm simply scared shitless being the malignant narcissist magnet that I am!

This is big, people, and a HUGE step in the right direction for yours truly. Plus it didn't cost me $450 an hour times 52 weeks to have this realization (money which I do NOT have by the way)!
Blogging is amaze-balls!!