Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

So we are about to close out 2014, huh? Time to reflect upon where we've been and where we would like 2015 to take us. Rather than make a list of resolutions, something I've never been down with, an idea came to me; how about a list of what exactly I liked about 2014?? That seemed a whole lot more positive and "do-able" to me!

Then I sat down to write said list and well, not quite as easy as I predicted when this brilliant idea popped into this head of mine! What did I like? What did I like?? Instead my mind was filled with negatives....flooding in and I couldn't stop them! What's up with this? Can't I find ten, about FIVE places, people, events, ANYTHING?? Why was this proving to be such a daunting task? AND why so many damn questions??? ha ha

After an hour of arguing with myself I decided to flip the question a bit. What lessons did 2014 bring that I am grateful for? Hey, I always say "When in doubt-go the gratitude route."! Now the wonderful lessons I have been taught began to seep in and my mind switched gears. That attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing, my friends!

The following are what I'd like to carry with me into 2015. I'm proud I am still learning and that life is still willing to teach me. I am equally proud of my stumbles as I am of my accomplishments.
  • Depression is NOT who I am.
  • Friends and family who have not abandoned me when at times things became unmanageable for me.
  • All the wonderful spiritual guides I have encountered
  • That I have a roof over my head
  • Finding the courage to start this blog & the amazing souls I have encountered through writing
  • Remaining hopeful
  • Seeing my strengths, as well as my shortcomings, in a much clearer light
  • My physical health and not taking that for granted
  • That I may have hurt others, but have realized that only time can heal those wounds for all involved 
I ask that anyone following me please leave one lesson you may have learned in 2014 and intend to carry forth into 2015 with you in the comments section. I'd like to add these to a chapter in my book involving gratitude practices.
Thank you!! xoxo

Sending you wishes of peace and love and self awareness for the new year!!