Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cue The Theme From Rocky.....

Every so often I momentarily forget how far I've come. How much I have survived and how strong my belief system has become. Even my depression, when it rears its ugly head, has become a part of who I am and has enabled me to be compassionate and kind just not to myself, but others as well.

I have embraced what some in society may consider negatives in your life. I work particularly hard to integrate all of the emotions that make me who I am. Mediation and some excellent spiritual guides have led me down a path that has brought so much enlightenment. At last I am coming into a space that allows me to look deep into who I am and what I stand for today, not two years ago or even yesterday. Everyday brings me new insight into further living as my authentic self.

Truly loving yourself in my humble opinion means looking beyond what you've considered shortcomings and realizing them to be the magnificent gifts you have been blessed with in this lifetime. This is who I am...funny, caring, impatient, involved, giving, depressed, annoyed, sarcastic. I am all of these things and more and so are you, my friend.

Forgiveness comes naturally with integration. Fear remains when you continue to berate yourself for the qualities you or others have convinced you need changing. As long as I'm breathing is there room for growth? Of course, but accepting who you are right this very second will guide you quite naturally to all of the places you were meant to be.

Allow those emotions and feelings to come to the surface, look them straight in the eye and kick their ass! Stop harassing have enough shit to deal with, don't you? Be kind and ALLOW your awakening to happen. It will.

Sending you much love & strength!

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