Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spin Those Chakras!

Time to get grounded and centered.

Meditation is my cure all. After thirty+ years of paralyzing panic/anxiety attacks, a family member recommended meditation as a form of relief. I was clueless as to just what a life changer it would be, but was desperate. I would have hung upside down from a helicopter over a highway during rush hour if someone mentioned it could possibly just slow down the number of attacks I was having sometimes on a daily basis, up to ten a day. Yep, they were that horrendous.

Well, much to my surprise, utter disbelief was more like it, within one month the panic attacks ceased. Just like that. It was amazing and it still is three and a half years later.

Give it a's free! Meditation accomplished for me what no amount of therapy or anti anxiety medication was ever able to do successfully. Check out YouTube....there's so many guided meditations to choose from that you're sure to find one that'll resonate with you and it is an easy way to get yourself started in the practice.

Me and meditation? It's true love!!