Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why's the Future Gotta Be So Damn Scary???

I overheard a conversation on the train this morning between two strangers discussing old school music. The conversation ended when one of the gentlemen asked the other if he was into Rap music. His response?
"No, man, I liked the Beastie Boys back in the day, but the future is too wild for me. The future's too damn scary." That quickly put an end to that bit of subway banter as the younger guy didn't know what to say other than "Yeah, I hear ya."
I suppressed my laughter and turned to stare out the window at the various neighborhoods all flying by me. Then I started pondering what that man meant as his words played over and over in my head. Yes, I think the future IS scary for so many people, and that's exactly what keeps them trapped in the past. Fear of it being "too wild". Fear of the unknown. That kinda shit thinking will get you caught up and held back without a doubt. Hey, I live it, I get it.

I don't believe in randomness in our lives. All things, all people are meant to pass through your life at specifically the times that they do, no matter how insignificant you may feel that homeless man who wished you a good morning may be. Your ups and downs, dear friends, horrible bosses, exes, parents (as awful or as wonderful as they may have been) were each selected to be a part of your unique story by YOU before you ever even landed here on Planet Earth. They are all our teachers. 
I love knowing that no one will ever share the exact same story as yours or mine. It's mind boggling how special each individual to ever reside on this planet was/is/will be.

All of our choices are based on one of two or fear. From what you choose to eat for breakfast to whom you allow yourself to be in relationships with as well. Be mindful of what you are doing from minute to minute and you will become quite aware of this. Try it for one day and see if it's an option that works for you. If you choose to keep yourself occupied and distracted rather than in the moment you can go through your life never consciously making choices. You really miss out on so much not being fully present plus all the events in your life are over so quickly!! Appreciate them!

I ask you to trust in the future. Know in your heart that all of the joy and all of the pain are for your higher good, if you allow them to be. Don't adhere to the belief that "The Future is Too Wild and Scary" and let it hold you back for one second. Be bold! Take a chance, make a decision! I guarantee you will change your life in the process.

Enjoy your journey. Every minute of it!


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