Monday, October 13, 2014

The Kindness of Allowing

Allow yourself to wander into a funky, independent book shop and linger for hours with no thoughts of what you need to get done. Turn the cell phone OFF and get completely lost for a while. Forget about any obligations.
The laundry at home can wait and it will, trust me!

Go ahead and buy yourself that expensive, exotic, dark chocolate bar and pop a piece in your mouth. Follow that up with a sip of the richest, most aromatic espresso ever. Let the espresso and the chocolate hang out in your mouth for a bit and savor those flavors. Yum. 
Worry about counting calories tomorrow because it is, after all, another day!

Cook for YOURSELF. Just for YOU. Allow the heavenly scent of fresh tomatoes and basil to fill your home while you drop a handful of linguini in boiling water. Let loose and enjoy some damn carbs!! Pour yourself a perfect glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and indulge while you take your time preparing your feast. 
You deserve to eat well!! 
Save the Lean Cuisine for another night :)

Be kind to yourself. You really do deserve it. 
Allow kindness into your life by rewarding yourself with some.
Treat yourself well and others will follow suit.

Give yourself a damn break, relax and smell the espresso!